Precinct Captain Program

The Precinct Captain Program is a replacement of the Victory Center operation that the Republican Party has operated since 2004. During the 2012 Presidential cycle, 90 percent of our voter contact efforts for the Romney campaign were conducted through 24 offices in 19 counties across the state. We knocked on more doors and made more phone calls in 2012 than in 2004 and 2008 combined, yet we still lost Pennsylvania by 5 percent.

How will 2014 be different? Scientific studies and past campaigns suggest that the best way to contact voters is to have a volunteer take charge of their local voting precinct. Over the months leading up to Election Day, a Precinct Captain will build relationships with voters in their community through phone calls, door knocks, and social media. The Precinct Captain becomes a campaign manager who is responsible for communicating a campaign’s message at a personal level.

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania will provide resources to volunteers participating in the Precinct Captain Program. A paid field staffer will be available to provide Precinct Captains with precinct walking lists, phone lists, neighborhood maps, talking points, and other tools that will enable volunteers to have meaningful conversations with voters in their community. If interested, Precinct Captains will also have access to a new voter data base app for smartphones and tablets.

The Precinct Captain Program is designed to be flexible for the volunteer. We encourage everyone who is willing to help, even if just for a few hours a month, to join. Some precincts may be too large for just one precinct captain to cover. In such cases, precinct teams will be created to reach out to voters on a monthly basis. Team building allows for us to involve as many of our friends, family and neighbors as possible. We will provide an estimate on how many hours it will take to reach out to your voters in your precinct every month.

 Timeline for the Precinct Captain Program (January-May 2014):

April 29th: Attend a regional training session to learn more about the specifics of being a precinct captain.

April: Canvass or make phone calls to voters in your precinct in order to begin conversations about the Governor's accomplishments and your other Republican candidates.

 May 2014: Contact Republican voters in your precinct to encourage them to vote in the May primary.

 Precinct Captain Training

Anyone interested in learning more about the Precinct Captain Training is encouraged to attend the Venango County Precinct Captain Training on Tuesday, April 29th at 7:00 PM Venango County Courthouse Annex 1168 Liberty Street Franklin, PA 16323