Become a Committee Member

What does a Committee member do?

▪  Represents the member’s precinct to the Committee.
▪  Represents the Committee to the member’s precinct.
▪  Attends and participates in meetings of the Committee.
▪  Works to accomplish within the member’s precinct the purposes of the Committee.
▪  Accepts and fulfills Committee assignments where reasonably possible.

Who can become a Committee member?

One man and one woman is elected from each precinct. Only a member of the Republican party registered in Venango County and residing in the precinct for which he or she is elected or appointed may be a member of the Committee.

How can I be appointed to fill a vacancy?

Take a look at our Members page. If there is a vacancy in your district, and you are interested in becoming a member of the Committee, please send us an email from the Contact Us page and let us know of your interest.

How do I know what election district I'm in?

You can find out here.

How do I get elected?

Members are elected at the primary in the presidential election year. The next primary in a presidential election year will be 2020.